• Hope Eliza

REVIEW: One Night Stand - Nintendo Switch

Updated: Jun 8

Was picking this game up the right decision to make?

Developed by ex-Electronic Arts employee Kinmoku (Games by Kinmoku), One Night Stand is a choice-based game that follows the events of University student Robin and the un-named playable character after a one-night stand, with player led decisions effecting the fate of how both parties leave the situation.

One Night Stand is a slice of life game which sees players waking up next to a mystery woman, unaware of what happened the night before. Players must then investigate their surroundings, ask questions and make assumptions as to how they got there and who the woman is. Although the game only has something like 20-30 minutes of playtime, it has a strong sense of replayability with 12 possible endings for players to experience. It is easy to get into this story due to its down to earth storytelling and beautiful rotoscoped animations. One unique thing about playing this game on the Switch is the use of the Switch's motion controls, which allow you to explore the bedroom and select replies with the flick of your wrist.

I found this game relaxing to play with its stripped back art style and beautiful soundtrack. It also felt tense at times as I was worried whilst playing that I would say the wrong thing and offend Robin at any moment. Once the game’s story has been completed, there is an option to recap all the endings you have unlocked so far - giving players more of a sense of completion. I have played the story through 3 times now and look forward to playing it again soon in order to see all the possible outcomes.

I wish I could say more about this game as I did really enjoy it but with only 30 minutes of content, it’s difficult to say much more. One Night Stand is the perfect game if like me you enjoy a narrative heavy, choice-based game – something akin to Life is Strange – or if you just want something quick to play to wind down in the evenings. My only gripe – as usual – that it is too short, especially considering that it costs between £3 - £4 on the PS4 and Switch. One Night Stand is also available on Steam and Xbox One.

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