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Top 10 - Cutest Video Game Characters

WARNING: uncontrollable cuteness contained inside this post.

I confess, I have been guilty on more than one occasion of choosing to play a game simply because of the cute character on the front cover. In this list, Hope Eliza, Chris and Jay countdown their Top 10 cutest video game characters from the conventional to the slightly unexpected.

Which video game character do you think belongs in this list? Let us know!

Although her ghostly appearance and rows of sharp teeth make appear intimidating at first, Luna is in fact a giant sweetheart who was bought to life by artist Ash. In Concrete Genie, players are tasked with designing their own genies, who in turn help Ash overcome obstacles whilst exploring the run down town of Denska. Luna is the first Genie players encounter who gifts Ash with his magic paintbrush which allows him to bring his paintings to life. It is then the player's responsibility to paint whatever Luna desires and if you paint the right thing she'll chirp with joy and do a little dance, it's very sweet.

Full disclosure - I never allowed Riki into my party until the post-game in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. The design of a "warrior" Nopon didn't sit right with me. I later learned he was one of the most balanced characters in the game (as an ally at least), which a good mix of offensive, defensive and healing abilities. Maybe it was just the fact he was too cute that put me off... In Xenoblade 2 we're introduced to Tora early on and I wasn't planning to fall for the same trick twice. Tora manages to strike the perfect balance between useful ally and amusing/adorable sidekick of "Rex Rex". Speaking in broken English and in the third person, he's too endearing to be frustrating and surprisingly agile for a rotund puffball. Plus! being a tank, if you don't like him you can simply enjoy him taking slaps for you to the screams of "MEH MEH MEH!!".

Carbuncle has been a regular in the Final Fantasy series from as early as Final Fantasy VI. I'm strictly speaking about the Carbuncle in Final Fantasy XV as I believe it is his cutest design yet. In the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, Carbuncle acts as a guide to the player but also young Prince Noctis in the game. With his adorable Fennec Fox (pretty much the cutest creatures on earth, by the way) resemblance, complete with huge ears, tiny facial features and dainty body; you'd think that Carbuncle couldn't get any cuter! That is until he opens his mouth and these sweet little "mew" noises come out. It's too much to handle honestly.

Move over BB-8, there's a new droid in town! BD-1 is the newest droid in the Star Wars universe who was introduced in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. BD-1 is an exploration droid who accompanies Padawan Cal Kestis throughout his journey in the game. BD-1 spends most of his time perched on Cal's shoulder, chirping and beeping to get the player's attention, directing them to hidden passages and assisting by hacking control panels. He is also customisable meaning players can decide if he is red, black, yellow, blue and so many other combinations! I personally think he is cutest in yellow!

This WANDERfull character evokes joy and happiness with everyone he encounters. In the game, Bard is the main protagonist who is on a quest to retrieve pieces of a song that will save the world from destruction. Players will use Bard's voice to affect his environment to solve puzzles and battle against enemies. This chipper guy can often be seen singing to everyone he encounters whilst simultaneously bringing a smile to their faces. That is unless you are Witch Miriam who gets annoyed by his constant noise. His pastel colouring and rounded shapes give off wholesome vibes which describes the character, and this game perfectly.

I was spoilt for choice when it came to deciding the cutest Animal Crossing character as there are just so many cute villagers! I decided to go for Marina as not only is she a favourite of many but she has been my favourite villager since the days of Wild World back in 2005. This pastel pink octopus can often be found singing the Animal Crossing New Horizons theme song in front of the resident services or trying her hand at fishing (don't think about it too much...). Her personality type is "normal" which means she is very sweet natured and is always looking out for the other villagers on the island.

Often found in the community centre in Stardew Valley, these cute little critters help players to rebuild their town once you've completed their challenges. Junimos will ask players for small bundles of items and will gift you with seeds in return, once you've completed all the bundles in the section they then give up their time to complete tasks in the town including refurbishing buildings and other manual labour. These fruit resembling sprites are extremely adorable and even come in plush form in game!

Okay so I talk about Trico whenever I can and it's because he's just so gosh darn cute! This bird, dog hybrid can be found in The Last Guardian and acts as a pet/helping hand in the game. At the start of the game, a nameless young boy finds Trico in chains; struggling to move. Players navigate the boy as he frees Trico and the two begin to bond. Throughout the game Trico helps you reach heights, travel further on his back and can even take out enemies for you. The appeal of Trico is that he is programmed to behave very similarly to a dog and if you're a dog owner like me, it's very hard not to become very quickly attached to this adorable pain in the arse.

This lovable pink blob first blessed our screens in 1992's Kirby's Dream Land on the Gameboy. He has since gone onto appear in 33 main title games and make appearances in other popular Nintendo franchises such as Super Smash Bros. This ball of bubblegum has a huge appetite with his main form of defence being his ability to swallow his enemies whole and steal their abilities. You wouldn't believe that he was capable of such monstrosities when looking at his cute little face though. All these abilities give Kirby adorable additions to his attire in the form of outfits and accessories as can be seen in the photo above.

Even after all the creatures Mario has encountered, all the worlds he's travelled to, nothing has made my eyes light up quite as much as the residents of Shiveria, which is located in the Snow Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. These adorable Eskimo seals are the main NPCs of the Snow Kingdom and can be found standing around their village filling Mario in on what has happened in their kingdom. These squishy Marshmallows are also impartial to the occasional race if Mario is up for it of course!

Are you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after seeing all these adorable characters? We don't blame you!

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