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The PS5 Reveal - Our Highlights

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

PlayStation gave us a shiny glimpse into the future...

If you're reading this, you're probably well aware that PlayStation hosted a video conference last Thursday showcasing a number of new, and remastered games coming to the PS5 later this year/in 2021. We watched with bated breath last night and were blown away by what PlayStation have on offer with their next gen console.

A total of 26 games were premiered during the live stream along with a first look at the PS5's design and a follow up on it's specs. Below are Chris and Hope Eliza's most anticipated titles from Thursday night's reveal:

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Hope Eliza

This beautiful, 3D action adventure game is currently being developed by indie studio Ember Labs and is yet to secure a release date. From the look of the trailer, Kena: Bridge of Spirits incorporates everything you like to see in a mystical RPG; gems, magic and adorable looking spirits called Rots. I'm really looking forward to seeing what else this game has to offer with it's stunning visuals that could give animation giants like Pixar a run for their money!

Trailer For Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Chris

I had already predicted several things;

  • Spider-Man on PS4 was always going to get a sequel.

  • It was likely going to be on PS5 rather than PS4

  • It would focus on Mile Morales given his introduction in the first game and his popularity in the mainstream due to Into the Spiderverse.

All this said I was surprised to see it on the video. I loved the original Spider-Man on PS4 (I know it's not THE original) but in my excitement I swiftly realised, this is probably too soon to expect a full sequel. These games take time and 2 years is a fast turnaround for a triple-A title that is being made by the same development team. It's unclear initially whether this is a glorified expansion or whether it's a true sequel (which includes the original?) but either way I'm psyched for it. It's an easy excuse for you to start the story with no abilities and at Level 1 by giving you Miles and his journey in learning the ropes (or webs) and to expand with additional abilities which will be different from Spidey himself. I'm happy either way but depending on the length I might wait for this one to drop and go with one of the other games listed here upon purchasing my console...

Trailer For Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Stray - Hope Eliza

Much to everyone's surprise (and delight!), the PS5 showcase was overrun with cats! With not only this feline centric game making an appearance but other cats also appearing in other trailers. Stray allows you to live out your lifelong dream of playing as a cat in a futuristic city populated with robots, the cat even wears a rucksack!! There isn't much out about this game just yet, all we know is that it is due in 2021 and is being developed by BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive.

Trailer For Stray

GhostWire Tokyo - Chris

The man said I would get to see a next-gen quality rendition of Tokyo and that piqued my interest to start with. I've got a weary admiration for the horror genre. We're past the point where simple jump scares and all-out gore are enough to make me sleep with the lights on. Zombies have all their tropes wrapped up and we've established "Man" is scarier. What was brief shown here didn't scare me but drew me in as it seemed to want to do something new? All managery of freaks and creeps seem to inhabit the streets and rather than running scared I'm given to play as a character who can stand up against them seemingly controlling the elements to fight back. I'm liking the imagination and speed in this one, it's not my favourite amongst what was shown but I'm keen to give it a go (as long as I have a friend over to hold my hand).

Trailer For GhostWire Tokyo

Goodbye Volcano High - Hope Eliza

From only the first few seconds of it's trailer, I could tell that this was going to be my kind of game. Another indie game on this list developed by Annapurna, and Ko_op (who previously appeared in our The Wholesome Games Direct Round Up Post), Goodbye Volcano High appears to be a 2D interactive novel about a group of melancholic dinosaur teens who traverse the perils of life. Goodbye Volcano High is also set for a 2021 release and just screams Life is Strange, whether that's a good thing or not is up to you!

Trailer For Goodbye Volcano High

Resident Evil 8: The Village - Chris

As the trailer began You got an eerie sense of familiarity about the setting and the style of this one. Delivering us the full trailer in the form of a first-person horror in those shades of greys before only at the end revealing that we'd witnessed the first glimpse of the 8th Resident Evil title. It's a smart move for Capcom to double down on their 2 most successful and revered entries in the series of late. The game reeks of Resi 7 in gameplay and Resi 4 in setting. Here's hoping they can deliver the scares and the tension of those titles rather than the janky cover shooter we were delivered in 6!

Trailer For Resident Evil 8: The Village

Sackboy: A Big Adventure - Hope Eliza

If there's one game that I always associate with PlayStation, it would be the Little Big Planet series. So it only seems fitting to mark the release of the PS5 with a new Little Big Planet... spin off! Developed by Sumo Digital - who previously worked on Little Big Planet 3 - but unlike other Little Big Planet games, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 3D platformer; a slight contrast from the usual 2.5D we are used to. I expect we will see all the usual quirks from a LBP game eg: costumes, stickers and a handmade aesthetic.

Trailer for Sackboy: A Big Adventure

The Little Devil Inside - Chris

This straight-up made me smile. With a strange arthouse vibe we're given a glimpse of the mundane life of an elderly gentleman the frantic world of an adventurer of sorts. The game clearly wasn't pushing even current hardware but it's good to know not everything has to be a AAA title. A wide variety of gameplay was displayed which were wonderfully linked by scenarios connecting the contradicting characters. Delightful would be the word I'd choose to describe what was shown and the game almost reminds me of Psychonauts in a strange way (what other way is there!?). Rumour has it we'll be able to play this on PS4 and PS5 and frankly, I look forward to either.

Trailer For The Little Devil Inside

Project Athia - Hope Eliza

When this trailer premiered and I saw the Square Enix logo appear, my heart was in my throat expecting something new from Kingdom Hearts. I was of course wrong but I wasn't disappointed with what the actual game turned out to be. Project Athia is an action adventure game developed by Luminous Productions (A Square Enix founded studio). As this game is in early production, there isn't a lot known about it; even the title is currently just a working title. As you'd expect from a game with ties to Square Enix, Project Athia does give off some Final Fantasy vibes however I'm excited to see what differentiates this title from others on the scene.

Trailer for Project Athia

Are you also excited by the future of gaming? Do you think you'll be getting a PS5 on release after finding out about these titles? Let us know! You can also catch up with our live tweets during the event @NerdOut_WordOut on Twitter.

For more from Hope Eliza, check out her other posts on Nerd Out Word Out as well as her own blog.

Missed the live stream last night? Catch up below!


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