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Podcast 77 Is Now LIVE!

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Podcast 76 - Gaming in the days of Social Distancing

Our Latest Podcast is live!

Please note due to Covid 19 this podcast has been recorded remotely and may sound a little different to our usual show!

Ramblings/Musings on Video Games, Movies, TV Shows and related Nerd Culture from Chris P and Mark M. This week Chris and Mark talk about what they've been gaming during the continuation of lockdown including Mario Maker II, The Last of Us and Pillars of Eternity. They then delve into their recent forays online playing Nine Parchments, Star Wars Battlefront II and Dauntless. What have you been gaming? Let us know @nerdout_wordout.

What have you been gaming during Covid? Tell us @Nerdout_wordout

Also available on Spotify, iTunes and wherever else you get your Podcasts!


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