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You Bet I Own a Copy of Hello Kitty Kruisers.

Last week all 3 of us here at NOWO recorded a Podcast episode where we each take turns to talk about what games we have in our PS4 collection. The only rules; they HAD to be physical copies, and we had to own them as of the recording of the Podcast, no "I had this but traded it in" exceptions. We've decided to make it into a series so keep an eye out for our PS4 Stack Podcast coming late next week! To kick off the rest of the series, here is a list of physical Switch games I currently have in my possession.

I was lucky in the fact I kind of fell into owning a Nintendo Switch when my partner bought one a year or so after release and you know how it is, what's mine is mine and what's his is probably also mine now too. It took a little while for me to find a game I actually wanted to play myself (other than the usual couch co-op games eg: Mario Kart) but I believe the first game I purchased for the Switch for myself was Yomawari: Long Night Collection a 2D horror puzzle game based on Japanese folklore. I have since traded in Yomawari and since i'm only supposed to include games I physically own RIGHT NOW, all my previous games and digital downloads will have to take a back seat for now. That also means this stack is pretty small but Switch games are expensive!!

Let's begin!

This was one of those games where I OBVIOUSLY wanted to give it a go due to it being an almost like for like copy of Nintendogs (aka my whole childhood) but it looked like the kind of game I'd like... for a little bit and probably never touch again. Sadly, that's exactly what happened with it as I excitedly adopted my puppy, named her, bathed her, took her for a walk, fed her, saved the game and I've barely touched it since. At this point, I'm too nervous to try it again in case my dog has picked up and left, or worse!

One of my more recent pick ups which I spoke about briefly in My Lockdown Gaming Diary post, Ring Fit Adventure has been on my radar for a while because I mean who DOESN'T want to get fitter playing video games?! Once the pandemic hit, copies were sold out everywhere and if they weren't; the price had been inflated x 3. Right in the middle of packing up my life to move cities, my local video game shop posted online that they had gotten some in stock, my partner raced down there and now we are the proud owners of Ring Fit Adventure! Only problem is, we've only played it twice so no one is getting any fitter anytime soon...

Since I chose to ignore the Wii U for the most part, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker came out of nowhere for me when it was ported to the Nintendo Switch. I think I actually had Yomawari ready to trade in and so was torn between swapping it for Captain Toad or Yoshi's Crafted World. I made the right decision and went for Captain Toad in the end and received Yoshi's Crafted World for a birthday present a few months later - and have since traded Yoshi in too! I awarded this game a COMPLETED label as not only did I finish all of the chapters of the main story but also all the DLC too, it's just so fun!

(psst! I wrote a review on Captain Toad too!)

Often hailed as one of the worst games ever released on the Nintendo Switch, Hello Kitty Kruisers was a bit of an impulse buy on my part. As a fan of Sanrio characters, when I saw that there was a Switch game where I could race on adorable tracks as my favourite characters I had to get it. Once I saw the quality of the product though, I then decided I'd only get it second hand for less than £10... I was lucky enough to receive it for my last birthday so really, I got it for free! Apparently the Wii U version is a really rare find in the US where it can fetch between $75 - $300! ABSOLUTE MADNESS.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that everyone with a Switch has experienced Mario Kart 8 at least once! Although Mario Kart Wii holds a very special place in my heart, Mario Kart 8 is clearly the best game Nintendo have gifted us and so it should be! It's the latest one! I really appreciate the variety of characters now available to us and their themed tracks. I first played this on someone else's Switch whilst dog-sitting and after racing around on the Animal Crossing themed track, I was sold.

You may notice that this title is actually missing from my stack pictured above, and that's simply because it's currently on loan to someone. But it is part of the physical collection so it counts! Super Mario Odyssey is basically what sold us to get a Switch and we honestly had so much fun completing all the worlds. My favourite memory of the game is when a friend of ours stayed with us shortly after we bought it and so all 3 of us were sat around the tv taking turns and guiding each other to the moons.

Everyone is probably sick of me talking about Animal Crossing by now, whether it's in Podcast or written form so I'll spare a lot of the detail. As I've been very close with the series since I was 10 years old (that's 14 years ago now!) it was always a given that I'd be purchasing my copy of the latest iteration of the series early this year. I've already had so much fun with New Horizons, it was especially helpful during Lockdown as it was a means for me to still meet up with my friends even if it was from our own sofas!

That's it for all my Switch physicals! What games do you have in your Switch collection? Don't forget to look out for our PS4 Stack podcast episode releasing next week! (Available on iTunes, Spotify, ShoutEngine and wherever else you get your Podcasts!)

For more Nintendo Switch content, see what else I've written here on Nerd Out Word Out as well as my own blog hopeelizab.co.uk.


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