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Lockdown Survival Guide #4

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

In order to do our part during this most trying of times, We at NOWO have come together to help in the only way we know how - Gaming. We're putting together a daily list of games that we personally recommend you try whilst you remain indoors in the various types of isolation and social distancing we're all experiencing.

Today's topic is Wholesome Gaming. Games need not be violent or difficult to be fulfilling and here are some examples where that's the case;


What could be more wholesome than taking your eyes off the big screen, rolling your sleeves up and creating some elaborate cardboard...things..? Labo has quite a finite audience, however, it's hard to not be impressed by the results of your hard work once you're finished. Sure, certain kits will only be played the once but for my 5-year-old the Labo house provides frequent blasts of entertainment. The main reason for this being my option is that Nintendo was practically throwing these at Switch owners over the Christmas period (so many of us are likely to have at least 1 kit kicking around), and according to Google it can take up to nearly 12 hours alone to build everything in the Variety pack, let alone the 20 something minutes each you'll spend playing with them...

Stardew Valley

For those looking for a slower-paced, rewarding experience I think Stardew Valley is a great game to escape the current situation and in fact most of life’s stresses. Other than a few mini-games, Stardew Valley leaves a lot up to your own pace. If you want to take a few weeks just watering and tending to your crops you can. There can be a lot of noise of other players I’ve found in this game to tell you the “right” or “optimum” way to play this game but really I like the fact you can do as you wish, at your own pace, explore where you want and the bonus is that the game is cheap on most consoles and can run on a potato of a laptop like mine.

Animal Crossing

I’m sure that if you’re an active user of the internet, you are now all too familiar with this adorable Nintendo game. This recommendation is for any game in the Animal Crossing series, this includes Animal Crossing (GameCube, 2001), Wild World (Nintendo DS, 2005), City Folk (Nintendo Wii, 2008), New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS, 2013) and the latest instalment New Horizons (Nintendo Switch, 2020). The aim of the game is simple, just live your best life. You are the only human inhabitant of a town full of animal residents and it is your job to improve the quality of the town by mingling with your neighbours, writing letters, fishing, catching bugs and so much more - It doesn’t get much more wholesome than that!

What do you think of these recommendations and more importantly do you have your own? We'd love to hear about them so please let us know (@NerdOut_WordOut). Otherwise please make sure you STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for #5!


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