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Lockdown Survival Guide #21

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

In order to do our part during this most trying of times, We at NOWO have come together to help in the only way we know how - Gaming. We're putting together a daily list of games that we personally recommend you try whilst you remain indoors in the various types of isolation and social distancing we're all experiencing.

A virus taking over the world sounds kind of familiar right? Sounds like the start of every pandemic film or post apocalyptic game. For those of you that want to question what if? We have a few post apocalyptic games to recommend you...

Nier Automata

Not only will Nier Automata give you 50 or so glorious hours story told via a variety of game styles (Shooter-em-up, Platforming, open-world adventure, twin-stick shooter...), it's got a solid plot which will drive you to explore and re-explore it's fascinating world. Boasting 26 endings (to be fair you'll only care about 5) it's the game that keeps on giving based in a world with nothing left! It's charming, scary, sad and intriguing in just the right proportions. Just when you think you understand what's going on it gives you a new perspective and blows itself open again. Definitely one of the best games this generation.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 had to be probably the most anticipated game of my lifetime. Something about the setting and lore just appeals to me so much and with the addition of hugely customisable crafting and base building I knew this would be a game I would lose a lot of hours into. I was not wrong. The real-time shooting is of course still broken as hell but the VATS system to fix that is part of the charm. Great storytelling and a wealth of exploration to be done means it will be a very long time until you are bored of this game. If linear gameplay is your thing it’s probably not for you, this game is the perfect example of setting off on one quest and being waylaid by 72 others. But this is a compliment to building your curiosity to explore rather than poor storytelling. If you have a spare 100+ hours this game is a steal with all the DLC right now.

The Last of Us

In a market saturated with post-apocalyptic titles, the video game industry has never shied away from the topic of what if? In The Last of Us, stoic Joel - a middle aged man whose family has been torn apart by a virus outbreak finds himself taking part in a smuggling mission to transport teenager Ellie outside of the quarantine zone. Along their travels, Joel and Ellie find themselves fighting a range of mutant creatures as well as hostile civilians. With The Last of Us 2 coming out NEXT MONTH now is a better time than any to get up to date with this franchise.

What do you think of these recommendations and more importantly do you have your own? We'd love to hear about them so please let us know (@NerdOut_WordOut). Otherwise please make sure you STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

That's it from us! Big thank you to everyone that has read any of the instalments in our Lockdown Survival Guide series, we really enjoyed writing them and hope that they were useful in some way. We plan to do more series in the future so keep checking back at nerdoutwordout.com!


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