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Lockdown Survival Guide #2

Updated: Jun 8

In order to do our part during this most trying of times, We at NOWO have come together to help in the only way we know how - Gaming. We're putting together a daily list of games that we personally recommend you try whilst you remain indoors in the various types of isolation and social distancing we're all experiencing.

Today's topic is Co-op titles and he's what we think you should consider if you prefer working together rather than competing;

Captain Toad - Treasure Tracker

If you saw my review of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker from a few months ago, you’ll know that I couldn’t praise it enough on its co-op capabilities. In the game, you play as Toad, Toadette or both as you and a partner traverse through diorama like levels to collect stars in usual Mario game fashion. With over 80 levels in game including DLC and Mario Odyssey themed levels, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be enough to keep you entertained whether you play alone or with a player 2! I played the Switch port of this game but it was originally out on Wii U; so those of you with a few of Nintendo's latest consoles have the choice of which to play it on!

Borderlands 2

With options for local/couch co-op or playing remotely with other friends in isolation Borderlands 2 offers a wealth off fast-paced, looter-shooter goodness. I’ve sided with Borderlands 2 over the newer sequel as I feel BL2 offers a more complete story of zany characters with a better protagonist to work towards. The gameplay still feels fluid and the gun mechanics are strong. Plus you can’t find many games out there that have the amount of quality and quantity for the price of the Handsome Jack Collection. Working together with a friend to bring down one of the most memorable antagonists in gaming history sounds pretty good right now! 

Portal 2

Escape is the order of the day, a situation I think we can all appreciate. Whilst the original Portal was a phenomenal distraction it was all over too soon. The sequel which can be played on the most basic of PC's by today's standard's very handily (try it, you might surprise yourself) improves upon the original in almost every way whilst also providing us with a co-op campaign to work through. Once this is done (on the PC at least), you can access a whole menagerie of creations from other players in the Puzzle Creator (part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative) of which there are literally thousands and which are rated and ordered for your puzzling pleasure...

What do you think of these recommendations and more importantly do you have your own? We'd love to hear about them so please let us know (@NerdOut_WordOut). Otherwise please make sure you STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for #3!