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Lockdown Survival Guide #19

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

In order to do our part during this most trying of times, We at NOWO have come together to help in the only way we know how - Gaming. We're putting together a daily list of games that we personally recommend you try whilst you remain indoors in the various types of isolation and social distancing we're all experiencing.

Games have been around for a long time and have evolved from the simplest forms to the complex mediums we play today. Today we're looking to recommend our favourite games which led to the classics we enjoy today. They might not take 100 hours to complete and provide an open world (quite the opposite to be honest, they can be strict on the rules and downright devious at times), either way, give yourself a history lesson with these;

Street of Rage

There are games that you will always get that carefree childhood feeling from and for me, it’s beating up punks on the mean Streets of Rage. From the crunchy sound effects to gaining health by casually squatting to eat a whole roast chicken, the game feels the way a retro game should. As an adult, you realise Streets of Rage isn’t actually that long, and that it’s perfect for a night of couch co-op with a lockdown buddy or on your own. Plus who doesn’t want to fight a steroid fuelled Ultimate Warrior wannabe?


Sonic 1,2,3, & Knuckles, CD or Mania

Sonic has a bad run as of late. It's wholly understandable as to why most gamers don't get why he's such a big deal. What better time to learn that when you're locked in your house for weeks on end?! The original Megadrive 2D Sonic games are true classics and there was never anything on Nintendo consoles to compete with them upon release (#blastprocessing). Personally I find CD to be the weakest of the bunch mentioned here, but even that is worth a go. Sonic Mania is a love letter to all the games it makes reference to so that's probably the most accessible for the uninitiated, after that head to Sonic 2 & 3(+Knuckes).

Super Mario 64

Before Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Galaxy and even Super Mario Sunshine; we had Super Mario 64 on the you guessed it, Nintendo 64. This is where Mario’s 3D adventures started and paved the way for all of the games mentioned above. This 3D platformer sees Mario exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, after being invited there by Princess Peach. In typical, Mario fashion, players will play a number of small themed levels which will all contain a small boss within. This eventually leads Mario to Bowser where one final boss battle commences. I chose Super Mario 64 as not only is it probably the oldest game I’ve played properly, but it is also a classic that paved the way for many more amazing titles.

What do you think of these recommendations and more importantly do you have your own? We'd love to hear about them so please let us know (@NerdOut_WordOut). Otherwise please make sure you STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for #20!


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