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Lockdown Survival Guide #18

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

In order to do our part during this most trying of times, We at NOWO have come together to help in the only way we know how - Gaming. We're putting together a daily list of games that we personally recommend you try whilst you remain indoors in the various types of isolation and social distancing we're all experiencing.

Shooters are one of the earliest examples of video games - here's what we think you should try;

Splatoon 2

Perhaps not the first game to come to mind when thinking about shooters however Splatoon 2 is a worthy contender. Players are split into 2 teams of 4 and located on opposite ends of the map with the aim to get your colour ink to cover more of the map than the opposing team. With a plethora of inking tools to choose from and a number of ways to customise your Inkling, it’s easy to find your own way to play this game. You are also able to play with friends online and in person – providing each player has their own Switch and copy of the game! It’s not just a case of painting the town though, with the ability to splat other players being an added bonus.


Far Cry 5

After a slightly disappointing showing in FC4, Farcry 5 gets right back on track to making this franchise my favourite FPS series. Good feeling shooting mechanics, a healthy balance of series and not so serious gameplay, RPG elements that feel weighty and a gorgeous, functional environment all add together to a great gaming experience. The antagonist is well written and the story arc pays off satisfyingly well setting up the sequel game Farcry 5 New Dawn which in itself is worth playing if you’ve already polished of Farcry 5.

Halo: Combat Evolved, 3 & Reach

I personally feel that Halo was the game that brought first-person shooters to consoles in the most serious capacity. Yes, Goldeneye, Doom, Quake and more had been released or converted, but none of them had the control scheme which would become the standard in the genre (technically Alien Resurrection on PS1 did the same but it's much less well known!) Halo was also a launch title for the Xbox and what an amazing thing that was and probably single handledly at the time ushered in the success the console. Solid combat with naturalistic level design (no constant corridors here - my favourite stage - The Silent Cartographer - was just an island unto itself! Amazing stuff, which is thankfully available on numerous remasters. Also check out Halo: Reach!

What do you think of these recommendations and more importantly do you have your own? We'd love to hear about them so please let us know (@NerdOut_WordOut). Otherwise please make sure you STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for #19!


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