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Just Gaming... Yooka Laylee - PS4

Sooo...What you been gaming?

Title - Yooka Laylee

Format - PS4

Also Available on - Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

Genre - 3D Platformer


From the creators of Banjo Kazooie comes a game not unlike Banjo Kazooie. If you've ever owned an N64 you'll be used to the platformer action here. Essentially the game carries a bit of a daft, child-friendly plot which involves you collecting certain amounts of items from expanding worlds filled with kooky characters. Graphically it's not without it's charms (if you find sticking a pair of googly eyes onto everyday items charming) but it's got a whiff of last gen about it.

It's a welcome addition to the library though in a market where 3D platformers in their purest forms are becoming rare (pun intended) outside of owning a Switch.


This is one of our Just Gaming videos so there is no commentary and videos are trimmed in post edit to remove those oh so annoying wait screens (to the best of our ability). Enjoy!

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