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Just Gaming... Virtue's Last Reward (The Nonary Games) - PS4

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Title - The Nonary Games - Virtue's Last Reward (Zero Escape series)

Format - PS4

Also Available on - 3DS, PS Vita, PC

Genre - Adventure, Visual Novel, Point 'n' Click


If you've ever seen any of the Saw movies and/or played one of those escape the room flash or mobile games you'll be in familiar territory here. Throw in a mix of characters and rules which could only have been conceived in the far east and you've got Virtue's Last Reward in a nutshell. Telling you too much of the plot here would ruin the videos as they spend most their time doing this for you!

The gameplay of Virtue's Last Reward is divided into two types of sections: Novel and Escape. In Novel sections, the player advances the story and converses with the other characters through visual novel segments. These sections require little interaction from the player other than reading the dialogue and text that appear on the screen (and are mostly voiced). During these sections you may be presented with decision options that affect the course of the game. One recurring decision option is a prisoner's dilemma-type choice where the player must choose to "ally" or "betray" the characters they are pitted against, with different results depending on what choices the two parties picked.

There are also Escape sections which occur when your arrive in a room (through the "chromatic doors" from which they need to find a means of escape. These are presented from a first-person perspective with the player able to move between predetermined positions in each room (essentially gliding along the walls or spinning on the spot). To escape you're tasked with finding various items and solving puzzles, reminiscent of the escape the room games you may have played online when Flash was a thing or possibly on a freebie mobile game). At some points, the player may need to combine objects with each other to create the necessary tool to complete a puzzle. The puzzles include various brain teasers, such as Lights Out and sliding puzzles. In each Escape room a safe can be found which can be opened with two passwords. One of these passwords gives the player the key needed to escape from the room, while the other grants access to a hidden folder that provides the player with supplementary backstory or other information.

Fair warning - this is a grisly game and is not recommended for the younger audience!


This is one of our Just Gaming videos so there is no commentary and videos are trimmed in post edit to remove those oh so annoying wait screens (to the best of our ability). Enjoy!

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