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Just Gaming... God of War - PS4

Sooo...What you been gaming?

Title - God of War

Format - PS4

Also Available on - NOTHING!

Genre - Action/Adventure


The 4th console release in the God of War franchise see the start of a new trilogy where the familiar Kratos has let his life in Ancient Greece and immigrated north to the icy Norse fjords. Our story begins with the funeral pyre being lit for Kratos' late wife Faye and we're introduced to his son who knows nothing of his godly heritage.

You see the relationship between the two come of age together as one learns of their godliness whilst the other regains their humanity, each helped along by the other.

Fair warning - this is a grisly game and is not recommended for the younger audience!

The story continues as a single take without cutaways so we're essentially welcomed to see a very eventful day or so in the life of the family Kratos and to be honest it's just plain spectacular the further you go.


This is one of our Just Gaming videos so there is no commentary and videos are trimmed in post edit to remove those oh so annoying wait screens (to the best of our ability). Enjoy!

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