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What You Been Gaming? - Nex Machina - PS4 Part 2

Sooo...What you been gaming?

Title - Nex Machina

Format - PS4

Also Available on - Windows PC

Genre - Twin Stick Shooter


If you've ever played Robotron or Smash TV you'll understand the gist of Nex Machina. 2 players and short levels in a hyperactive alien themed shoot-fest.

If you're not familiar with these (and I'd recommend them both) essentially they're frantic run and gun games with controls built around the 2 analogue sticks (one stick is for running, the other for gunning). Other gaming similarities can be found in Gauntlet and the hacking mini-game in Nier Automata.

The mission here is to destroy the enemies and save the humans! You're constantly under fire and the whole thing looks glorious in HD.

I also like to go on record saying that re-watching this there are clear moment where we blatantly missed some Humans and seemingly got killed by obvious slow bullets - when you're playing it all goes much faster than than you see here! #dontjudge.

Please Enjoy with the usual nonsensical banter!