• Chris and The Great Jonzini

What You Been Gaming? - Caladrius Blaze - PS4 Part 1

Sooo...What you been gaming?

Title - Caladrius Blaze

Format - PS4

Also Available on - PS3, Xbox 360 & Arcade

Genre - Vertical Scrolling Shooter


Caladrius was released originally on PS3, Xbox 360 and in the arcade (probably in Japan at least) but we're playing the PS4 version here which is no doubt tuned up and extended titled to include Blaze.

It's a vertical scrolling schump with quite a heavy in depth plot going through it and several playable characters, it actually looks more like a fighting game when you see the character select screen. The action is pretty typical of the genre however for some reason when you take a hit, clothes get ripped. Not the reason I purchased it might I add but hey...it's a thing...even the nun isn't immune to it.

This is part 1 of our first playthrough. Please Enjoy with the usual nonsensical banter!