• Chris and Hope Eliza

What You Been Gaming? - Octodad Daddliest Catch PS4

Sooo...What you been gaming?

Title - Octodad - Daddliest Catch

Format - PS4

Also Available on - Android, iOS, PC, Switch, PS Vita, WiiU & Xbox One

Genre - 2D Sidescrolling Dungeon Crawler


It's your wedding day! Now you must simply get to the alter. The trouble is that you're not a normal groom. In fact you're not a normal person. You must complete the task as an Octopus in disguise. Controls are mapped via your individual limbs and it's not far off trying to fly an RC helicopter. The goal is to complete your mission without rousing too much suspicion by the general public around you (including your wife and family, yes you have kids).

The game has a cartoony aesthetic and a gentle sense of humour and mischief. It's more easily seen than explained so jump in!

Enjoy with the usual nonsensical banter!