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Top 10 - Video Game Eggs!

No Easter in these Eggs

Easter is on its way and how better so to celebrate than to count down our top 10 Egg references in gaming!? There’s dozens of examples of gaming’s top Easter Eggs out there but here we’re focusing on actual eggs themselves (as I didn’t find other people doing that!). Trying our best to keep each series to a single entry (with one egg-ception as otherwise Sonic & Mario could fill the list on their own) here we go;

Mana Eggs – Grandia

Whilst not eggs in the traditional sense, magic powers in the world of Grandia stem from users trading or equipping Mana Eggs.

In the first Grandia they could be traded in at stores in order to unlock spells of a chosen element for a specific character. The character then increased the potency and number of available spells by using that element more and more in battle.

In the sequel the eggs themselves level up independently from the hero to whom their equipped via using magic coins. You can even swap the eggs between characters and retain the experience they have received.

Grandia 3 was never released in Europe however it includes a combination of both mechanics and even the ability fuse eggs together to make even stronger ones!

Angry Birds

Flapping in at No 10 is Angry Birds. As far as we know the birds wouldn’t be angry were it not for the fact that the piggies hadn’t stolen their eggs in the first place.

The white bird even goes as far to use their own (presumably unfertilised!) eggs to bombard the Piggy hoard on their turn!

After Egg-Ploding onto the mobile gaming scene in 2009 and selling many an iPhone (citation needed). After no less than 20 sequels and spinoffs the brand continues strong with movies and merchandising. Not bad for a blatant rip-off of another game called Crush the Castle (no eggs in that one though).

Birdo – Super Mario Bros 2/Doki Doki Panic

Yet another candidate who actually uses their own eggs as weapons. It’s a common known fact that Doki Doki Panic was converted to Super Mario Bros 2 for the west but Birdo was present in both incarnations of the game so that’s how we’re avoiding duplication on this one.

When I was growing up there was some debate as to whether Birdo was in fact masculine or feminine as the game manual described her as “He thinks he's a girl and shoots eggs from his mouth”. This was later (insensitively) changed by Nintendo of America who were apparently unhappy with that premise and in more recent titles she’s been noted as a girl. Yoshi lays eggs too and I’m told that’s a boy…

The Wind Fish Egg – Legend of Zelda – Links Awakening

The plot of Link’s Awakening (1993) actually takes place following the story of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons (2001).

Link is washed up onto the shores of Koholint Island following the shipwreck of his boat, after finding his sword he is told he must seek out the Wind Fish in order to find his way off the island and back home. The Wind Fish is sleeping in a huge Egg found at the peak of a mountain and this also becomes the final dungeon of the game when you crack through the shell.

There is the cliché “it was all a dream” ending to be found at the games finale but until that point you’re lead to believe you’re actually in someone else’s dream…inc-egg-ption.!?

Yoshi’s Egg – Super Mario

Mario games have always been full of eggs! Lakitu was famous for throwing spiny eggs (before he took up flag waving at the GP), Birdo famously fires eggs (covered that), Dino Piranha is hatched from an egg for being viciously smacked about by Mario in Galaxy 2 and probably most iconically Yoshi is hatched from an Egg since his appearance in Super Mario World on the SNES.

Rather than justify a reason for Mario and Luigi mounting a newborn dinosaur the game explains that Yoshi was captured in the egg by Bowser.

Yoshi can also lay eggs by devouring enemies which can then the fired as weapons (yet another eggs-ample of weapon-eggs-ation!).

Since his first appearance in Super Mario World, Yoshi Eggs have been introduced into the earlier entries of the series in the subsequent Gameboy and DS rereleases.

In Super Mario World, Mario rescues an egg from each castle which all ultimately hatch in the games ending sequence revealing to contain a host of multi-coloured Yoshi’s.

Resident Evil 5 - Egg Hunt

Of all the games to have an “Egg Hunt” trophy/achievement you probably not guess that Resi 5 would be among them. Featuring no less than 4 different types of eggs (white, brown, gold and rotten), these little coll-egg-tables can be sold for a decent price in the in-game shop, eaten for a small health restorative or collected for the trophy completionist.

There is actually a glitch/exploit which is commonly used to get duplicates of the more elusive eggs in the game which requires 2 controllers and 2 gamer profiles (if you don’t already have those) and a fair bit of sharing and logging out…EGGS FOR ALL!

Pokemon Eggs

Eggs have been a staple in the Pokemon series for a long time, however there is some variance as to which pokemon actually hatch from Eggs upon the arrival of Pokemon Go! (so we’ll ignore that one for now).

The introduction of Pokemon Eggs into the series in generation 2 shook things up a bit and had a knock on effect to introduce some other features; genders, breeding and pre-volutions (some of which can only be obtained by breeding). It also threw up some questions regards to some of the first generation entries which sort of need retcon-ing as a result – is Nidoran and the same species with gender differences (they have separate entries on the pokedex)? Is a baby Kangaskhan a prevolution to Kangaskahn and in fact a prevolution?

It would be just as easy to use the 1st Generation Pokemon “exeggcute” as the entry here. But given that he’s possibly the worse designed creature in generation 1 and it for some reason turns into a palm tree when it evolves kind of waters that down…still uses the Egg Bomb attack though, so a close second.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

The core mechanics of Billy Hatcher involve you traversing the stages rolling various giant eggs. Billy himself cannot do much on his lonesome besides moving and jumping. His abilities increase however when rolling an egg, moving faster and gaining the ability to dash, throw and slam the egg down.

When in possession of an egg Billy can run over fruit which makes it larger and fills a Maturity Gauge on the screen. Once the gauge is full the egg begins to flash and is ready to hatch. The eggs contain a variety of things such as helper animals, powerups and extra lives. Different animals can come out of the same eggs and some of these creatures are vital to progressing through the game.

Naturally the eggs are fragile and should they take damage a gauge in the lower right-hand corner of the screen begins to crack along with the egg itself. If the egg cracks it is destroyed and nothing hatches from it. Not to worry though as they will respawn in their nest.

There are some cameo’s or eastereggs to be found in certain eggs which can contain the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog or NiGHTS!

The Death Egg – Sonic The Hedgehog

Egg Man right? That has to take a spot on this list. No. His name is, and always will be Dr Robotnik. He does however have somewhat of an obsession with all things ovoidal (#lookitup), with pride of place made for his Star Wars parody – The Death Egg.

A Ginormous spherical satellite which orbit’s the planet Mobius and serves as Dr Robotnik’s base of commands.

Introduced in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 as the final zone of the game the Death Egg has made several appearances in the series despite being knocked out of orbit several times. It has also featured as a racetrack in the Sonic & Sega All Stars racing titles.

It has now become quite iconic within the franchise and continues to be used to this day, being in-egg-splicably absent from Sonic Mania but present in Sonic Forces.


Dizzy wins the day mostly owed to the fact that it’s one of my earliest gaming memories. Playing the original title on the Amstrad and ZX Spectrum after the anticipation of a 15min load time (and not due to any day one patches, it took that long every time you wanted to play it) you were whisked away to the land of the Yolk Folk to save the land from the evil wizard Zaks.

The game was part of a series published by Code Masters (yes the one and same) which included no less than 12 instalments. It was developed and continues to be 50% owned by the Oliver Twins (the original creators). Whilst prominent in the 1980’s and early 90’s the series came to an end when home consoles started releasing titles which were more action focused.

It experienced a brief revival in 2015 when the Oliver Twins released an instalment which was thought to have been lost for the last 22 years. They also released an updated game for mobile phones which whilst faithful, lacked the charm of the originals.

The games themselves were puzzle platformers. Being an Egg, the titular Dizzy is a fragile sort, in the early entries only being able to take a single hit from any moving items including birds and raindrops before his untimely demise. The game was also severely limited on lives and didn’t allow any continues so it’s a tough one to crack for even the most seasoned gamer (and more so for 10 year old me).

So how do you like your eggs? Let us know in the comments below.


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