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Top 10 - Video Game Couples

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It's nearly Valentines day! So what better time for use to recount our top 10 video game couples?

I will start by saying you'll not find your simple Sonic & Amy or Mario & Peach entries here. We're looking at more meaningful relationships, rather than a simple damsel in distress in need of rescue. So...

Dante & Beatrice

Despite what I mentioned above there is room for one story of "man saves woman" and that's because we regularly hear figuratively of a hero going through hell and back to save a loved one whereas Dante literally does just that. Fighting not only through the 9 circles of Hell, he is taunted with the repeated images of his loved one being gradually corrupted by the devil himself. Furthermore, once he has slain Beelzebub he releases Beatrice's soul into heaven...and promptly ventures there to reclaim it too. Sadly the game never spawned and sequel and doubtfully ever will, so we'll never know if he ultimately succeeded, but its the thought that counts.

Amon & Sarah

Sometimes it's when things are not said that are the most endearing stories. Arriving together whilst fleeing from a common enemy you soon notice how inseparable these 2 are. You discover that having grown up together that maybe they are more like brother and sister but certain flirtations start to suggest otherwise. Sara is older than Amon and appears the more bold for it with him being more shy. The story eventually separates them via an inter-dimensional rift and upon Sara's return she discovers 3 years have past in a matter of days. This shifts the dynamic so that she then becomes the younger one of the two and from this point on they become closer with Amon having experienced the war and grown in their time apart. Whilst it's never explicitly said that they wind up together, the epilogue to the story explains that Amon becomes apprentice to a gadget maker in the series and Sara gives up her position in the clergy to become a baker for the reason to be close to Amon.

Tidus and Yuna

Peppy young world saver and measured, beautiful, dancing, magic priestess. It’s a story as old as time right? Well maybe not. What is classical about this twosome is that they are opposites, and as well all know in love, opposites attract. Thrown into another place and time Tidus helps Yuna on her quest to save the world from Sin, and along the way they end up recognising the good nature in each other despite different personalities. Handled delicately compared to some of FFX’s rather brash characters the blossoming love of these two is a must for all video game romance appreciators!

Ada Wong & Leon Kennedy

To quote the movie Speed "I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work", and what could be more intense than a Zombie apocalypse? When thy meet Ada is a mysterious agent who seems to know too much about what is going on whereas Leon is a victim of circumstance just doing what he has to in order to survive.

You can bet whenever you play an entry in the series as Leon that Ada isn't far behind (or ahead). She seems generally unchanging whereas he develops into a formidable soldier who still never quite seems to be able to keep up with her.

Believing she died after their first encounter, he finds that she somehow survives, gradually learning that the G Virus or it's subsequent mutations is accountable for that fact. Despite working for Albert Wesker, she repeatedly passes up opportunities to let Leon die, instead assisting with his survival.

Whether she's a clone or worse, their paths seem to continually cross, each time managing to save one another against seemingly impossible odds.

Sora & Kairi

Technically speaking, these two have never officially put a label on anything but it’s fair to say that if you plan share a Paopu Fruit with someone, it’s official. Sora held Kairi’s heart inside of his – literally! - Back in 2002 and we kind of haven’t heard anything else about it since however some fans are eagerly waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to perhaps confirm this as an official pairing, others are just hoping that the game will actually release one day. None the less, these two cuties have made our list. Sorry to those of you who were hoping for Mickey and Riku to take this place.

Shovel Knight & Shield Knight

Chivalry really does defy gender. Shield Knight (or Shovel Knight depending on your gender option in-game) is an equal to Shovel Knight in every way. Just as courageous, daring and committed to one another. We learn in the prologue that they were an inseparable adventuring duo but following a quest into the Tower of Fate, Shield Knight is felled by the Enchantress, the holder of the cursed amulet which they both seek to destroy.

Shovel Knight wallows in self pity, blaming him(or her)self for the death of Shield Knight. Throughout the course of the game however you discover that the amulet they sought actually transformed Shield Knight into the Enchantress and Shovel Knight makes it his (or her) mission to save them.

In the finale Shield Knight is released and they figure alongside each other again to destroy the dark magic in the amulet once and for all. And just when you think Shield Knight sacrificed themselves for the Shovel Knight, they wearily stagger back to the campfire to rest next to their partner again.

Master Chief & Cortana

They're partner's that's all, right? How connected could an AI and bio-engineered super soldier who was bred to take orders be? It's true that most of Chief's actions to rescue Cortana from enemy hands can be rationalised by protocol to stop sensitive data falling into the wrong hands and because she holds a solution to stop the ultimate threat in the series (at that point). Nonsense really, in reality he's doing it to save her. He makes this clear in his mission to try to cure her "space dementia" or "Rampancy" for no reason other than to keep her alive beyond her functional lifespan. The gesture is returned when she in turn sacrifices herself to save Chief in the finale of Halo 4.

In honesty you'd have to be blind not to see a romantic connection here. She literally lives in his head for a large portion of the series, taking the phrase "always on my mind" to new levels.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm – Chloe & Rachel

Apologies to all you ‘Pricefield’ shippers out there but ‘Amberice’ won this round! (yes I do regret doing so much research into what their fan-made couple names are). I decided to include Chloe and Rachel in this list rather than Max and Chloe as I believe the player had more opportunities to further Rachel and Chloe’s relationship than you did Max & Chloe’s. It was a match made in heaven, the school sweetheart and the school rebel, Blackwell Academy’s answer to Patrick Verona & Kat Stratford (look it up). Although these two only knew each for a brief time before their whirlwind romance began, I like to believe that it was still true love, that was until Max came along.

Geralt and Triss and Yen

Yep, I tried to decide which one to write about with Geralt and you just can’t.

Yen will always be his first, the driving force that he spends literally years of his life following and searching for after they are separated but Triss has always been there for him and there is no way anyone can consider that his love for her is fleeting.

With Yen out of the picture and Geralt pretty much a mess it’s Triss who helps him regain his memory and is regularly more than his bed partner. Despite this she knows she will always have to share the pale Romeo with his first love. This may make Geralt seem like a bit of a dawg but he ha always been open about who and what he is and wants. And what he is also happens to go to a brothel from time to time. It was a different time, it was a happy time, but in no way can you argue that Geralt’s affection for either Yen or Triss is not timeless despite not being standard and easy.

Nathan and Elena

Who isn't in love with Nathan Drake? That isn't the hard part, it was finding someone whom he would be willing to chase and settle down with. We're introduced to Elena in the original Uncharted where she's a reporter trying to make a name for herself and enlists Nate's services in finding the coffin of Sir Francis Drake. Several double crosses from both sides and the chemistry begins.

Despite all their differences the two are more similar and well suited than you'd realise. In the moments in the series where you're accompanied by Elena she isn't a burden, or getting in your way, she's able to handle herself and provides as much assistance as anyone else who comes along for the ride.

The two get married mid series and off camera (not really something we need to see in an action game). What she has over Nate is a patience he probably doesn't deserve. He's proved himself to be selfish and impulsive (as has she) but more than anything he'd broken the trust a few too many times.

This does lead them to become estranged for a time but good old Sully draws them back together (keeping Nate's wedding ring during their separation unto his knowledge as well) and they

Despite further mistrust Elena manages to forgive and finally accept Nate being the man he is an they are able to remain together to the conclusion of the series.

The cherry on the cake is that ultimately we find that they do settle down with one another and have their happy ending which works out for both of them. Starting a family and giving us an insight to the series next protagonist in the form of their daughter.

So how did we do?! Who have we missed or have we tracked cupid's arrow perfectly? We'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below.