• Chris

What You Been Gaming? - Wild Guns: Reloaded PS4

Chris sat down with The Great Jonzini and played a few rounds of Wild Guns; Reloaded on the PS4 recently.

The game is a HD facelift of the SNES classic (which now sells for silly money) for the PS4. More than just re-release the game has been modified and updated to make the most of widescreen TV's and includes additional characters and modes for up to 4 players (only the 2 of us today though).

The game is notoriously hard in multiplayer as lives are shared with no continues available. That said it is nonlinear after stage 1 so we got to explore a few areas here.

No doubt we'll be back to finish this one off another day (it's hard but not too long), until then please enjoy the usual nonsensical banter!