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Mini-Musing - Animal Crossing App

Updated: Apr 17

I Wish I Was Playing Pocket Camp

As everyone probably knows by now, I’m a big fan of Animal Crossing – much like most people are these days so when it was announced that there would be an Animal Crossing app being released? I was so excited, I could play Animal Crossing whilst on the go! I was hoping for a Pokémon Go style of app, a game that would encourage me to go out more that I could pick up as and when I wanted to. What we got though? A game more like The Simpsons Tapped Out, a game that I struggle to play.

It breaks my heart but honestly, I just can’t get into it. It’s the kind of game you have to sit down and fully focus on to get into it and if that’s the case, I could just play a full Animal Crossing game rather than drain my phone battery trying to focus on a game with the distractions of being out and about.

Perhaps I just need to find the time to figure out how to play it, a problem I seem to have with games is if I don’t understand how to play it almost instantly I lose interest. That’s why I have games like Ni No Kuni and Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories that I’m dying to get into, but I haven’t got very far with it because I just can’t focus on them long enough due to losing interest in the game mechanics early on. The other problem I have is I’m just not great with mobile games, I’m sure it’s the same with everyone that has a younger sibling or younger relatives in the family, but I always feel a sense of failure when my younger cousin’s see my phone and ask if I have any games on it that they can play and my answer is always no, not because I don’t want them touching my phone but because I literally don’t play any games on my phone! It’s kind of a storage thing, kind of a preference thing.

I guess I’ll just add Animal Crossing Pocket Camp to the pile of my other failed mobile gaming attempts along with Kingdom Hearts X, Cooking Mama, Pokémon Go and Super Mario Run. As some of you may already know; Life is Strange is coming to mobile! It is already out on IOS and apparently arriving on Android in early 2018, let’s hope I have more luck with that one! And that I have the memory for it…

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