• Chris Mark and Hope Eliza

Level Up!!!

What? NOWO is Evolving!

Please take a moment to explore our new digs…Take some time to indulge in our new content…Take 5 to educate yourself about our humble beginnings.

Anyone who previously frequented our little site might notices some differences here on out! A snazzy redesign is only the beginning, We have plans for the future too.

You’ll hopefully notice an increase in our social media presence and our updated logo making appearances in places which it wasn’t before.

As of late last year you may have found our YouTube channel and we'd love it if you took your time to subscribe for your regular content updates.

We've already begun airing Sooo...What You Been Gaming? - Here you'll get a glimpse into what we've been gaming and we do our best to make it entertaining with discussion on all aspects of gaming and popular media.

We've also got some other shows in the pipeline so stay tunes to hear more on the rest;

Plus more as demand becomes a thing!

We've begun a NOWO-Meme focused Instagram account too which is set up to include original and the best we can find regurgitated content from the web.

We've begun running to a schedule too - you'll find our Podcast will go out fortnightly being released every other Thursday. Dovetailing that will be our video content (plus additional entries in between).

You can find our Top Ten blog entries being released on the 10th of every month too (see what we did there?).

We will be spreading our virtual wings in the hope of establishing a moderately sized following which we’d love you to be a part of. Please help us by spreading the word, the shares, the like and the subscription across all our mediums!