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Gamer Fatigue – There is a cure.

​Lost your Gaming Get-go?

I have always, and probably will always, consider myself a gamer. It's a big part of my spare time and pretty much one of the main ways I unwind or escape the pressures of the adult life (Dramatic sigh). But this doesn't mean the marriage is always a blissful happy one. Quite regularly I, as I think all of us do, go through "Gamer Fatigue". Either you want to play games but you sit there for ages just staring at your steam list or your shelf of neatly arranged game cases with nothing grabbing you, or you just plain don't fancy playing games at all for a week or maybe longer. If you find yourself in a similar predicament then fear not. Below are just some of the ways I have found helps to deal with the gaming funk.

1. Chill, Just ride it out.


Games are about having fun. Yes there are some with social comment, yes there are maybe E-sports stars that make their daily bread from it but I’m guessing you aren’t one of those. If gaming isn’t fun for you right now then go do something that is. Draw a picture, bake a cake or head down the pub with your friends and I’m sure if gaming is important to you then the passion will return. After all “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

2. Take a punt on something totally new.

We are, at heart, creatures of habit. It’s easy to play very similar games back to back. For me it happens to be lengthy RPGs and although they all have their own style they are predominantly based around the same quest, loot gain, experience gain, next quest loop. So when you feel you are getting stuck in a “Samey gamey” spiral then maybe try something totally new. A sports sim? A fast paced action game? There are a multitude of genres out there so just because you aren’t feeling like your normal game doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy another.

3. Play a shortie.

After playing to completion ‘The Witcher 3’ followed by ‘Fallout4’, the idea of jumping into another 100 plus hour game was just of no interest to me. I love a content heavy RPG as I feel they give you great value for money and the ability to lose yourself in the game totally. However when I started playing the Uncharted games off the back of the above two, I found that the prospect that you could finish a linear, polished campaign in two evenings was actually refreshing and rewarding. It doesn’t even have to be a classic video game. Maybe just chilling with some PC solitaire or candy crush on your phone is what your soul needs right now.

4. Go back to a favourite.

Sometimes instead of the fancy Thai fusion cuisine from the popular new restaurant, you want your momma’s shepherds pie. Familiar food that is just good for the soul. I don’t see gaming as any different. If nothing new in your gaming list is grabbing you, then go back and spend some time with an old friend. Be is a re-mastered version of just digging out the original. Going back to your roots is often a good way to re-discover why you fell in love with a pastime of any type.

5. Take it one game at a time.

When we were growing up, new games being bought were few or far between with birthdays and Christmas being the main times for a new haul. Now I am older and have the ability to buy my own games whenever, coupled with the sheer amount of games that come out it’s easy to find yourself swamped in a back catalogue. As silly as it sounds this can be daunting and can make the task of playing games a chore if you make it about “getting through the backlog”. This goes back to point one in this article. Gaming is about fun, nothing more. You don’t NEED to play anything no matter how many “Top ten games you MUST play” articles tell you otherwise. Pick one game at a time that interests you and put the remaining out of mind. They will still be there next week.


None of this is rocket science but hopefully a few ideas here might help you if and when the next interest lull comes along! Dr. NOWO is here to help! (Not-a-doctor).

What do you do when your gaming Mojo is suffering? Let us know @nerdout_wordout or drop us an email.