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Top 10 - Over Hyped Games

Sold a Dream(cast)

Creating hype around your upcoming project is vital to the success of any game, movie or franchise. People need to want it before they can have it so the queues form up for the big day. Sometimes sadly the marketing department can get a bit carried away with what their peddling and sometimes a firms reputation precedes them and this can turn to disappointment. What follows are our choices for when we've felt like we've been sold a dream that doesn't live up to the expectation and we don't think it's our fault! All out top 10 come as a result of several day's debate and reasoning. If you've any idea's as to what you'd like us to do, then please drop us a line, tweet, PM or comment below.


From the makers of The Sims you get to create and mould your own world starting in the primordial ooze itself. From here you’ll evolve your lifeforms into a civilised society and eventually discover space travel and visit a host of other worlds created by other players. In reality we were left with an imitation of Flow released 2 years prior and watered down elements of previous Maxis titles. Whilst it’s not a disaster by far it just wasn’t rewarding or engaging enough for most…They probably overestimated the appeal of the Sims to the lady gamers and didn’t appreciate that this wouldn’t be as well received by that same crowd.


The issue I have with GTA IV is that for it’s big, sprawling city, it never feels lived in. GTA games are always sold as the pinnacle of the modern open world settings and yet for me this game gave me a large set of roads. Comparing it to games of the time like elder scrolls etc the hyped world seemed hugely underwhelming. What doesn’t help this entry was the fact that the third series of games developed additional mechanics with each entry and when you step into this several features are dropped (with possibly the intention to bring them back in further expansions?). Thank god GTA5 well and truly corrects this.


After the myriad of choices that ME1 and 2 had offered it was always going to be a struggle to pull these back to meaning multiple endings. This was what was the hype surrounding ME3’s release, to finally see what these hugely impactful choices had delivered. Whilst not a bad game as such what did they deliver was a multiple choice ending that you could decide at the end of the game regardless of your journey to that point. Much player discourse ensued. And was followed by re-writes…


With heavy influence from the legend David Bowie and even going as far to feature his likeness as a character, The Nomad Soul was the first title produced by Quantic Dream, the company behind titles such as Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. The Nomad Soul was pitched as an open world adventure title where upon your death your soul overtook another of the world characters albeit with reduced stats which may have been earned from your previous life. The big promise and disappointment here comes from the fact that the game was touted as a release for the PS1. They even filled magazines with exclusives and screenshots which showed the development to be pretty far along. Unfortunately the aging hardware ultimately wasn’t up to the heavy promises being made and with the PS2 not yet realised nor near enough to warrant holding out for a conversion the game was released on the ill-fated Dreamcast and PC to a lukewarm reception. A victim of its own ambition which did ultimately delivery on its promises (unlike some others on this list) but was marred by sub-par combat and watered down gameplay mechanics (basic puzzles and poor 1st person shooter action) and bad timing from a release perspective which ultimately lead to it not being viable for release on future hardware. More a shame than anything!


Come get some…. Nah thanks. Duke Nukem would have left it’s scar on many a kid growing up in the 90s. And so to think of Duke returning to our consoles with today’s graphics and gaming know how should have been a straight home run. Instead the game was muddled, poorly designed and feel more like the awkward uncle still quoting the “Whasssssup” adverts than anything retro and cool. Even nostalgia and ‘memberberries can’t save this one.



You’ll see a theme developing with this entry…It looked beautiful and I was expecting a return to the open worlds offered by FFXII. However the linear nature of the first half of the game took away much of the enjoyment of the game for me. Not being able to go where I wanted, do what I wanted to do, at my own pace was a constant frustration and unfortunately even when the world did open up I found the whole experience lackluster. Throw in awful summons, lack of customisation and irritating cast and you’ll see the likes of Persona and Dragon Age evolve RPG gameplay in a way this didn’t.


I’ll be honest this is one I didn’t play and am only basing my thoughts on let’s plays etc but the idea of a FPS, with today’s technology set in one of the most exciting game worlds should have been a recipe for awesomeness and should have left the devs walking into the sunset wearing money hats. Instead the game has widely been panned to the extent I don’t even have the intent of playing it. Poor AI, poor graphics, poor balancing and a myriad of bugs (not the xeno types) has led to this exciting premise being voted one of the worst games ever and even sparking a lawsuit over the false representation in it’s trailers. Originally announced in 2001 for the PS2 (in a previous iteration) the game finally released 12 years later and ending up losing lawsuits on misrepresentation.


The big draw of the fable games was player choice with meaningful decisions. Although the game heavily restricted those wanting to play the “Evil” as helping people always led to better side quests and rewards. Although the world was altered in a cool aesthetic when you were the bad man. The payoff of being good always made it a bit of a no show. Additionally when you finally became King in the third installment the grandeur of this level seemed to live up to little of the previews bold claims. We could naturally include Fable 1 and 2 here but the third title should have learned more from the earlier entries so number 3 takes the crown on this occasion (geddit?).


It promised us Infinite worlds in a procedurally generated universe that we would be the first and possibly only player to see, it gave us a underwhelming resource gathering game with repetitive gameplay, little to see and even less to fight. Whilst I do appreciate that there is only tiny, tiny chances of life existing on any planet, surely amongst the 18 quintillion there’d be a handful which contained advanced lifeforms like ours…heaven forbid they could actually script that bit and make an actual game out of it…Left me feeling more lonely than my future self, 20 years into the future in my apartment full of cats.


The current generation of gamers may not be aware that there were 2 Battlefront games released for the PS2 & Xbox (original) back in 2004. The original set the standard for large scale space warfare simulation and it’s sequel expanded the content in a large way. You could argue that they merely needed to do a remastering on the latest hardware. Sadly the 2015 release did a GTA and scaled back the features of the previous versions mechanics. It didn’t even launch with space battles…Put simply this game should be an awesome large scale battle simulator and should definitely have a single player campaign on that engine. It does not.

Do you agree? Did we miss anything out? We love hearing opinions almost as much as voicing our own so if you're in any state of mind upon reflection of our results please get in touch and let us know.

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