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Updated: Feb 11

Pmph! When I Was Young it was a Gameboy...

The other day I found myself in a second hand game shop and whenever I go into any kind of gaming shop, I always take a minute to look at the 3DS/DS games in the hope that I’ll find something that I’ll really get into like when I was a kid. I remember spending hours on that console but now it struggles to keep my attention for longer than half an hour! So anyway, back to the second hand game shop, I spotted a sequel to a childhood favourite, I spotted Cooking Mama 4! I was a little hesitant, would this be as good as the first or was that just nostalgia talking? I picked it up regardless for the cheap price of £10 which influenced me to make this list. I wanted to reminisce over my childhood games on the original Nintendo DS, although my first console was technically the PS1 - the Nintendo Ds was my first handheld console that went everywhere with me and the first console that I could use to connect and play with other people!

So in no particular order…


A must have staple to anyone with a Nintendo DS, Nintendogs has a very special place in my heart. Anyone that knows me, knows that from a young age I’ve absolutely adored dogs and still do! I’ve always had a special admiration for Dalmatians so I was going nuts when Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends was released back in 2006. My dad actually randomly came home with a pink Nintendo DS that came in a bundle with Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends for me shortly after it was released (I’m talking about the first pink DS, the chunky one, none of this DS Lite nonsense) and I’m

going to be honest with you here… I had all 4 of the Nintendogs games. Yeah, I know that you can swap breeds with people to get all the breeds but I loved dogs so much that I literally wanted all the breeds possible so from 2005-2006 I managed to get the other 3 games what with Birthdays/Christmas/car boot sales and I still have them all to this day! Except when I got older, I gave Labrador & Friends and Chihuahua & Friends to my sisters leaving me with Dachshund & Friends and Dalmatian & Friends but we still lived in the same house until recently so did they really count as theirs? So, to wrap this first entry up; I spent a lot of my childhood taking the best care of all my dogs. If I ever had too many dogs in my care and had to give them up for adoption, I had to ask my mum to do it because it would upset me too much! That was the kind of child I was! I occasionally get Nintendogs out now in order to calm the urge I have to adopt a puppy right now! When I definitely don’t have the time or money for that at the moment.

New Super Mario Bros.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people are a fan of this game, it’s in my opinion the best Super Mario game released recently. I’ve played Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D Land and I just don’t get the same feeling as when I used to play this one! I think I got introduced to it by a friend of my mum’s son who was much younger than me. He was playing it around our house once and I was so interested in it, he let me have a go and I was hooked! I think I got my own copy a little while later and played that to its absolute fullest! I was determined to get to those secret levels; Level 4 and 7?? And I felt so cool knowing the cheat to play as Luigi instead of Mario! My little cousin was playing Super Mario 3D Land a few years back and he kept asking me to do levels for him that he couldn’t do and boy was I the perfect woman for the job what with all my Super Mario Bros. DS experience!

Life Signs: Hospital Affairs

Now this is game is a little harder to come by, I’m yet to find anyone else that knows about this game let alone has played it! I randomly came across it whilst in a supermarket of all places. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have ever heard of it. I understand how weird this is going to sound but I feel like in another universe I’m supposed to become a surgeon or something similar because I have a real fascination with the medical field, I’m a fan of shows like Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy and games like Life Signs and Trauma Centre. So games like this allow me to pretend for a few hours that I really am a surgical intern at a hospital! The game was basically a point and click Manga game where you were rushed into surgery at any minute where you’d have to perform operations using the touch screen, it was really fun! I must have played it around 5 or 6 times over now, if anyone else has played this game, let me know! I can’t be the only one.

Animal Crossing – Wild World

I know, I know, Who DIDN’T see this one coming?! I’ve already expressed my love for the Animal Crossing franchise on NOWO and on my own blog so no need to go into that again here. Just to recap for those who haven’t read either of those posts; Wild World was my introduction to the series and 10 years on I’m still playing every Animal Crossing game that comes out! It really was my childhood, I used to check the game literally every day even if it was just for a few minutes as the game works on a 24-hour clock so there were different things happening in game every day, I obviously had a lot more free time back then. It was also the first game experience I had where I could connect with others to investigate their town. it really was my highest priority at 10 years old, that and my Nintendogs!

Cooking Mama

As mentioned at the start of the post, I recently picked up Cooking Mama 4 for the 3DS but it all started with this one. I’ve also played Cooking Mama 2 and 3 and honestly there isn’t much difference between them all. Obviously more features get added throughout the series but you’re still just using the touch screen to prepare food and that’s all I need! I bought Cooking Mama 4 knowing full well that it would be mostly the same but I just wanted more recipes! I’d be lying if I said I had many memories with this game like I had with Nintendogs or Animal Crossing because sadly I don’t, I got it around the same time as those games and definitely played it a fair amount as a child but that’s all I remember! None the less, this game is one of my favourites


I’m fairly certain that I got Scribblenauts a lot later than all the other games in this list, it came out in 2009 so I would have been around 12/13 years old? But I’m going to count it here anyway as it was super fun! I actually found out about Scribblenauts from Chris! If you weren’t aware already, Chris of NOWO is actually my older cousin so is responsible for a lot of my gaming influences over the years and Scribblenauts is one of them! I vaguely remember him explaining the game to me and I was listening but with no visual aids I can’t say I was really that interested, years must have gone past when I came across Scribblenauts in what was either a catalogue or an advert.If you aren’t aware of the premise of Scribblenauts, you are basically thrown into scenarios and either given hints or instructions to solve the said scenario so you type in on the touch screen whatever you think will help that scenario and then use the items you thought of in the scene to solve the puzzle! I know more Scribblenauts games were released after this one but I never found the appeal after the DS title, I think I might give it another playthrough soon.

Pawly Pets My Vet Practice

I know, this one is a little lame but another childhood dream of mine was to become a vet! Gosh do I love simulation games. I believe my sister has this game now, I don’t remember ever giving it to her but at least it’s still getting played! I think this game was pretty simple, you just worked in a vet clinic, treated sick animals, earned enough money to buy medicine, food and to open up specialised clinics eg: horse treatment centres, kennels, aviaries, etc. There really isn’t much more to say about this game, I wish I could but there really wasn’t much to it, I really did have fun playing pretend vets though!

Scooby-Doo Unmasked

Scooby-Doo was a beloved cartoon for me as a kid so of course I had a DS game of it. I also had Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase on PS1 and THAT is an amazing game. I remember there being different levels/areas where you had to find clues, collect Scooby Snacks, set traps and unmask the bad guys. There were also different outfits that if you switched between them would give you different abilities to help you explore and find clues. It was basically a standard puzzle platformer, my favourite genre! I believe they released this game on multiple consoles but I’ve only ever played it on DS. Given the choice now I probably would have steered clear of the DS release as they tend to size the game down and it’s usually not as cool as it is on the other bigger consoles, good thing I have childhood nostalgia keeping this game cool to me!

Zoo Keeper

I originally wasn’t going to include Zoo Keeper in this list as it really isn’t that special, it’s essentially Candy Crush using animals for the Nintendo DS. I believe when I was given my pink chunky DS at age 9 the store that my dad bought it from did a deal like buy a console get free games with it, you know how it goes. So, my dad got me the pink Nintendogs DS and I guess picked 2 games that he thought I’d also like that were in the deal and Zoo Keeper was one of them along with James Pond: Robocop. I understand his trail of thought you know; I liked animals, it works! I’ve never had the heart to say goodbye to Zoo Keeper, even when I first got it and I wasn’t interested in it, over time I grew to like it and it’s actually pretty addictive! Dogz

I’m pretty sure this was the display case for it, honestly my copy of the game didn’t come with a case because I bought mine for £2 from my school friend on the playground and she only gave me the cartridge, 11-year-old me didn’t seem to mind though! Once again, I believe my sister has this game back home and AGAIN, I don’t remember giving it to her. Dogz is so fun, it’s similar to Nintendogs a little in the fact that you choose a puppy from a kennel, you name it, you have to remember to feed it and take it out for walks and train it, etc. except in Dogz you were your own 8-bit characters in an 8-bit world and it almost played out like a story, you had a routine like at certain times certain things would trigger a cutscene like you’d have to go to school and leave the puppy all day and you’d have to feed the puppy at a certain time and walk it before a certain time and sleep at a certain time, you get the idea. I also had Hamsterz which was basically like having a real hamster, you’d put things in it’s cage, pet it and play mini games! It was fun but not as fun as Dogz.

And there you have it, a little snippet of my childhood in 10 short entries. I have obviously played a lot more DS games than just this but some came out/I didn’t play until later in life so I didn’t include them. Let me know if you played any of the lesser known entries on this list as I know everyone has played Nintendogs at some point in their life but I need to find someone else that has played Life Signs or Pawly Pets! And as always if you like these kind of blog posts you can always find more from me on my own blog hopeelizablog.wordpress.com as well as here on Nerd Out Word Out.

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