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review: Little Nightmares - ps4

Updated: Aug 22

But do you want to wake up from this?

As someone who usually stays away from horror films and games, I'm almost surprised at myself for being interested in this freaky puzzle platformer. Don't get me wrong, this isn't the scariest game in the world, there are barely any jump scares and the characters aren't exactly horrifying but this game is tense. Imagine how the kids in Jurassic Park felt hiding from the Raptors in the kitchen, it's like that! I think what drew me to it is how it reminded me of one of my favourite games; Alice The Madness Returns and it does have some similarities! but Little Nightmares can and does hold it's own.

The first thing I noticed when I began playing is how much I liked the main character: A small creature in an oversized raincoat; Six and how she reacts to things in her world. For instance; whenever Six walks into something, she'll place her hand upon it to balance or she'll trip over things. According to Wikipedia, Six is 9 years old and although you receive no indication to this within the game, you can tell by the way she skips, stumbles and skids across floors. Another feature I liked in this game is the game mechanics themselves, in the game you're basically trying to find your way out by exploring and solving puzzles, whilst avoiding being caught by the baddies (I use a vague term on purpose here). Me being the big softy I am, I liked the collectible element in this game, you are tasked of finding little 'Nomes' which are basically smaller white hooded versions of you and hugging them counts as a collectible. The Nomes then follow you around I'm guessing for the cute factor? as they don't serve any other purpose. Other than the general visuals and concept, there isn't much else positive I can say about this game as it only has a run time of around 5 hours, I picked the game up today at 4pm and with a couple of breaks for dinner and a stretch, it was completed by 11pm.

Although I had such fun playing Little Nightmares there are a few things that I can't ignore. I know a lot of people have mentioned similar problems of long loading screens (so long that I actually thought the power had gone out as I was confronted with a totally black screen for around 15 seconds) and as mentioned before, it not lasting that long. Seeing as it's RRP is around £20, you'd like to get just a little more out of the game. I also found a couple of glitches within the gameplay, for instance just after starting the game I found myself stuck in between two tunnels and was unable to crouch or jump to get out, so I had to restart it. My biggest problem with this game however is also kind of a blessing, I loved being able to just get on with the game and having to figure things out for myself, however this did have it's downfalls. There were no cutscenes, no dialogue and no indication as to why you were on the run, where you were trying to escape from and why everyone was to focused on hunting you down, literally nothing! I only found out Six's name and age from Wikipedia, it's never actually mentioned in the game. Perhaps my curiosity is at fault here rather than the game though. I was also a little disappointed with how Six's character changes throughout the game, to me it made her less likable however without that change, there probably wouldn't be a plot.

Overall this game is so fun! I love games where you can run, jump, climb and explore, I just wish there was more to it. I think there are a few faults within the gameplay but from what I know, the company that made it aren't industry giants just yet so I'll cut them some slack. It was great having a game that didn't scare me but did keep me on edge and aware of everything around me, I haven't had a game that I couldn't put down in a while! There weren't really any boss battles either only 2 really within it's 3-5 chapters (depending if you count the first and last short ones) and neither of them were particularly difficult or long, I wouldn't say that it's a waste of £15-£20 though. I'd like to think that Little Nightmares is just a taster of what is to come from the studio.

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