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REVIEW: Dungeon Rushers - PC

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

An RPG Worth Taking Your Time On?

Browsing Steam’s library, it is immediately apparent that the casual RPG is not only a genre that is alive and well, but it is thriving. As RPGs become more synonymous with the 100 hour AAA adventures we are used to, its warming to see there is still a niche for the “drop in for 10-20 minutes whilst something downloads” type of game. In my humble opinion that is where Dungeon Rushers lives and holds its own.

It’s hard to pinpoint anything outstanding about Dungeon Rushers but what you do get is a solid turn based game with quirky characters, a nod towards RPG tropes, robust levelling and colourful graphics. This leaves an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts but is nothing new.

The “Map” is split into bitesize dungeons lasting around 5 minutes a piece allowing you to squeeze a few sorties in whilst your dinner cooks but also allows for the “one more before bed” syndrome to kick in. Once inside the game works on a minesweeper-esque basis of allowing you to reveal tiles as you explore the dungeon, attempting to find the treasure which is also the exit. This could expose further corridor, an enemy, a trap, an event or the previously mentioned treasure.

After exposing an enemy you get a summary screen of the upcoming battle and get to choose whether to engage or not (although it’s rare you wouldn’t unless you have already found the treasure). It also allows you in the later stages of the game to cast spells or skills which will aid you in the upcoming fight.

The combat whilst not hugely original is a competent take on the tried and tested Final Fantasy turn based formula, allowing each of your party in turn to choose to attack, block or use an item or spell to disperse the foes. It’s hard to say anything more about the combat in this game other than it serves its purpose well.

Once a dungeon has been completed you have the option to replay it, however you will only receive XP for this as the treasure has already been collected. It does however let you try and meet the secondary objectives of which there are three (along the lines of “no potions” or “No K.Os” etc). Once these have been met you have the chance to replay the mission on Heroic Mode (Basically tougher enemies for more XP).

The story is a loose mechanic to bring a rag tag bunch of heroes together and other than the odd amusing line (Usually from the dwarven accountant… don’t ask) then there is little exceptional to report back on. Levelling up allows access to a handful of talents to increase your skills or add passive abilities to help you with the tougher enemies the game throws at you which adds something to work towards. There is also adequate opportunity to grind at all times, especially once you learn the dungeon layouts, which are not procedurally generated.

In conclusion this game is perfect to pass some time but it will not keep you glued to the screen. It is the kind of game to play waiting for a bus or whilst “half watching that show on Netflix you aren’t really into but everyone is talking about” which is why it is more suited to the mobile version. The PC version in my experience is much more robust though as the app frequently crashes mid dungeon although due to the short levels you never lose much progress. Worth checking out for a quick RPG fix but a lack of anything new will make this game largely forgettable.

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