• Chris

NOWO Cup 2017 - The Left Outs and Left Overs

64 really wasn't a hard roster to fill...

So the list is set and I’m guessing there plenty of questions as to why X didn’t make it and where the hell is Y?!? Simple reason for those that made it is that they are games we can (in the most part) actually talk about. Whilst we were putting the list together several questions came up;

How far back do we go? Do we include PC? Single titles or franchises? Do we exclude any Genres (Sport anyone)?

For our initial tournament (plan is to do more in the future, changing the rules each time) we decided upon Franchises, active from at least the Sixth Generation of consoles (PS2, Gamecube etc.) and later and a healthy split of any genre to ensure there’s enough variety.

That still left us with plenty casualties which will upset a fair few people (arguably many of them Nintendophiles as we’re both largely Sega kids). So without further ado here is the best of what’s left and why they didn’t cut it this time;

Animal Crossing – Omitted for Mark’s complete cluelessness of the series and Chris’ questioning as to whether it constitutes as a game…

Ape Escape – The series has more mini-game compilation spinoffs than full releases in the time period we’re focusing on.

Battlefield - The first casualty in what can only be described as a series neither of us has put any time into. Unfair maybe, and it's not the only one to get cut for that reason.

Crash Bandicoot – series peaked too soon, it’s demise arguably begun in the PS2 era (once Naughtydog let go of the reins). It would be unfair to judge it on that.

Dead or Alive – Featured on Chris’ recommendations but like the vs fighting genre its better to play with it if you both know what you’re doing.

Dishonored – One of Mark’s choices, this time Chris has no experience (but hears good things). Surely one to revisit next time?

Disney – Wow, not unlike Star Wars this one follows many a movie tie in which is never a good place for games to start. Unfortunately these lack the lore that you can use to make a good or even better game in most cases.

Dragon Quest – Whilst both Big fans of number VIII our whole opinion of the franchise would be based on this and it’s more than just that one (I’m told).

Dynasty Warriors – It’s a series that I don’t think has ever really evolved..it was never going to win!

F-Zero – Just the one title from the franchise in the period we’re looking at. …I’m sure it’ll turn up in the retro cup (if that were to happen).

Jak & Daxter – Series is currently dormant. Rachet and Clank isn’t so that took its spot.

Mafia – We’ve not played the Yakuza series and I’m lead to believe that’s a better example of the crime genre. GTA is better than both so that got a spot and this did not.

Medal of Honor – Whilst the series came strongly into the PS2 era it dithered and finally died a few years back. Didn’t cut it.

Metroid – Sore one. Only the Prime series really would make it but again I’ve only touched the original and Mark hasn’t touched at all.

Need For Speed – Close contender to make it in. We both agree however than Burnout was Criterion’s finest example.

Ninja Gaiden – Mark doesn’t like hard games.

Prince of Persia – Latest entries in the series are not up to scratch, it arguably peaked too soon.

Quake – Id software seems to have forsaken the Quake series despite the fact it was revolutionary at the time. It will need to live on through it’s older, uglier brother.

Shadow of the Colossus – Not a franchise per se but a fantastic title on its own as was Ico…which also didn’t make it.

Star Wing/Lylat Wars – Just not doing enough lately. Come see me at the retro cup McCloud.

Suikoden – Chris begrudgingly was made to choose between this and Final Fantasy (as Mark was upset that Dragon Quest didn’t make the cut).

Virtua Series - Despite Chris' protests that Virtua Fighter and Tennis are still kind of a thing he was promptly reminded that arcades are not what they once were and the objection was invalid. You're not coming in.

Watch Dogs - *SIGH* Every character in the 2nd on was soooo unlikeable.

WWE – I spend more time making freakish super humans and Darth Vader than I do actually wrestling them...This isn't me playing it in the way it intended.

We’d love to hear your opinions and any requests as to what you’d like to have seen. Please slap them in the comments below and we’ll give an answer to any reasonable suggestions. Keep also popping back to see whether your personal favourite from our selection can take home the gold.