• Mark

Introducing ... The NOWO Cup 2017

64 Shall Enter...Only 1 will be victorious

Boom! Hello and Good Evening sports games fans! Welcome to the opening ceremony for the inaugural NOWO Cup! We have 64 hopeful games franchises hoping to win the coveted prize of NOWO Cup Champions 2017.

Over the next coming weeks we will see 64 of the top names in the gaming world, past and present, going head to head in a ruthless knockout competition. Instead of NOWO rehashing a “top games list” we have decided to appropriate the format of major sports competitions around the globe to add variety and dare I say underdog surprises to our ranking system.

The concept is simple. 64 entries randomly drawn into one on one “matches”, the winner will proceed one step closer to NOWO Cup History, the loser will be found wanting and relegated to the loser pile (Although I’m sure it’s still a very fine game!). Matches will be a timed discussion based on our own memories and opinions with the winner being decided by a vote between Mark and Chris. Stalemates to be decided by a special guest.

64 franchises be whittled down to 32, 32 slashed to 16 and so on until we are left with two battling it out for NOWO supremacy. Will we find surprising early exits for industry favourites drawn against other major competition? Will the last eight in the quarter finals be the usual suspects? Stay tuned to the upcoming NOWO Cup ‘Casts to find out! Results will also be posted on the website after each aired round.

The budding hopefuls are listed alphabetically below. Games will span a number of generations but have been limited to console only games. For those franchises with many games as a part of them an overall view will be taken meaning those shoddy forced sequels may cost them dearly!

Sorry if your favourites have not made the cut. Feel free to name drop your favourite missing franchise or hail your support for one of those competing on our Twitter page @NerdOut_WordOut #NOWOCup.