• Chris

Haven't you heard about the Nerd?

Updated: Feb 15

Welcome to our new website.

After much deliberation we have decided to overstep the simple blogger/wordpress blogsites and opt for the more professional full website url (which essentially does the same thing but actually costs). We are Nerd Out Word Out and our aim is to find a comfortable niche in that part of your brain that likes to take all of your geek culture musings and insights and explore it via various mediums. We want to be your new favourite waste of time.

Who are we?

NOWO (No-Woah - it’ll catch on) has been founded by 2 likeminded (in the broad sense) individuals, my Friend/Colleague/Compadre Mark McGrady, and my good self, Chris Perrin. We are both gaming veterans sitting comfortably in our 30’s with a wide history of misspent gaming youth. Our experiences aren’t routed in eachother’s company so you won’t simply be hearing about 2 aging gamers reminiscing over things which we’ve endured together, rather we discuss current day affairs and trends with the knowledge and hindsight of things which we’ve experienced.

What do we do?

We game. That is when we can. Being at the age we are and mixing in the fact that we both have professional, and in my case a family life getting in the way of all the things we enjoy we find as much time as we can to do the things we love. The plan is to provide regularly updated content principally via blog posts and a regular podcast. What you’ll find upon an average visit are various musings and conversational pieces which hopefully you’ll want to be part of. This isn’t our first rodeo either. We began the NOWO story a couple of years ago, releasing several podcasts but not having the wherewithal at the time to back it up with any other media or links. We’re giving ourselves a shakedown and putting it out there for all to see this time around, in fact I will be reposting the original ‘casts as our initial content so please take the time to have a listen and treat it as a preview or first draft of things to come. Along with that we’ll have the blog (you are here), which will include our Instagram, twitter feeds etc. and potentially even some YouTubing and more one day.

What do we not do?

Don't expect to visit here for reviews on all the brand new releases and breaking news stories. There's a wealth of others sites which can do just that for you and a darn site quicker than us. Do pop in frequently though as regular content will be added either via the podcast or the musings which pop into our heads.

Why should you care?

You might just enjoy yourself. I think it’s healthy in everyday life to discuss the things that interest you and question the things you don’t understand. It’s how we learn, evolve and unwind (until someone mentions FFXIII). You’ll hear facts, stories, opinions all discussed in open forum (we don’t like to exclude), normally there’s a solid plan at the start of any content but due to the conversational nature there are normally a fair few tangents to fly off. The pleasure is in the journey however and we look forward to you enjoying that with us.