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The Wholesome Games Direct - Round Up

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

15 of my favourite games showcased at Wholesome Games' latest direct.

Much to my surprise (and joy!), Wholesome Games put out their very first 40 minute direct today showcasing what the world of wholesome indie gaming has to offer us over the next year or so. The direct featured 55 trailers and announcements from indie game studios such as: Glumberland, Popcannibal and Something We Made showing off their latest and greatest games with the likes of Ooblets, a Kind Words update and Toem all making an appearance.

As wholesome games make up pretty much 80% of what I play, I've decided to round up all the games announced at 2020's wholesome direct and make a list of the ones I am most excited for.


This sweet game grabbed my attention due to it's simplistic art style and cute mechanics. Toem is an adventure game where the aim is to take photos and help local communities. The game is developed by Something We Made and is due to release on Steam in early 2021.

Trailer For Toem


This game features cute animals, cat cafe's and magical girls - what more could I possibly want! Calico is a simulation game where players are tasked with doing up the town's cat cafe. The game was developed by Peachy Keen Games and is set for release Autumn 2020.

Trailer For Calico

Mondo Museum

There isn't much more I enjoy in life than management simulation games and museums, so combining the two was guaranteed to make me listen. Developed by Viewport games and set for release sometime this year, Mondo Museum tasks players with creating and maintaining their own museum, complete with exhibitions, visitors and staff to manage.

Trailer for Mondo Museum

When The Past Was Around

When The Past Was Around is a point and click adventure game about love, loss and everything in between. This game was developed by Mojiken Studio and again, is set for release sometime this year. This game has beautiful art direction and as you can probably tell, I am a huge fan of point and click adventures.

Trailer for When The Past Was Around

A Space For The Unbound

This pixel art, slice of life game centres around themes of overcoming anxiety and depression in rural Indonesia in the late 1990s - niche enough for ya? A Space For The Unbound was also developed by Mojiken Studio (the same studio that is bringing us When The Past Was Around) and is currently labelled as 'coming soon' - stay tuned!

Trailer For A Space For The Unbound

Dépanneur Nocturne

This short and unique game was apparently released today (26/05/20) and is all about exploring a convenience store at night to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend. This game was developed by KO_OP who showcased another one of their games during the direct: Winding Worlds that is an Apple Arcade exclusive and available now too!

Trailer for Dépanneur Nocturne

Rainy Season

If an atmospheric story driven game is exactly what you're looking for, make sure to check out Rainy Season. A game that tells the simple story of what a family gets up to whilst staying indoors during a storm. Developed by Inasa Fujio, this game is due Summer 2020 (must be soon now!)

Trailer For Rainy Season

Wayward Strand

Wayward Strand is a wholesome interactive story that follows the journey of Casey; a teenage journalist as she visits a hospital in the sky. The player will investigate the grounds (or airs?), meet patients and uncover the history of the hospital. This game was developed by Ghost Pattern and is due some day, this year.

Trailer For Wayward Strand


This relaxing organisation game allows players to unpack rooms and arrange them however they want, this may sound boring but I'd like to think that it would be a really satisfying play! There is also a story element to it, with players uncovering who's possessions you are unpacking as you go along. Developed by Witch Beam, Unpacking is out in 2021.

Trailer for Unpacking

Old Friends Dog Sanctuary

This is a mobile game, bought to us by developers Runaway sometime in 2020. What could possibly make this game any cuter? Perhaps the fact it is based on a real dog retirement home! In the game you create your own dog sanctuary, decorate it however you please and care for the old timers in your collection. You really can't get much more wholesome than this!

The Old Friends Dog Sanctuary Website

To The Rescue!

Not too dissimilar from the last game in this list, To The Rescue! Allows players to manage their own dog sanctuary; this comes with all the usual responsibilities of caring for the dogs, connecting the right dogs with the right people and general day to day maintenance. You can also feel good about this purchase as 20% of profits will be donated to real world dog sanctuaries! This Little Rock developed game is down as 'coming soon' - make sure to keep checking the website/Steam page for updates!

Trailer For To The Rescue!


Himig is all about "experiencing the calm, everyday moments of life, making memories and finding joy from little, mundane things, and letting those serve as an inspiration to shape the future ahead of you.", which sounds pretty relaxing to me! This game is currently in development with OnionBlaze and is yet to secure a release date. As always, keep checking their website!

Trailer for Himig


These games weren't featured on Wholesome Games for nothing! Pekoe is a tea-making simulation game about learning to take the time to care for yourself and enjoy the things you love. This game was developed by appropriately named Canadian video game studio Kitten Cup Studio and has no set release date... just yet. Keep an eye on their website though!

The website for Kitten Cup Studio

Tracks of Thought

This game is full of bugs... in a good way! This (self) exploration game is currently in development by Tidbit games and allows players to discover themselves whilst riding a train that has no destination. You can start enjoying Tracks of Thought in 2022.

Trailer For Tracks of Thought


Have you ever thought about how much you want to play as a husband and wife Kiwi duo? Me either! But now, I can't think about anything else! This co-op game sees players navigating Debra and Jeff who run the local post office, how well they run it? Well that's up to you. Developed by Stonewheat & Sons, KeyWe is due for release in 2021.

Trailer for KeyWe

I can't believe that one direct managed to give us 55 new games to look forward to! If you are interested in any of the games in this list, make sure to look up the developers online and add the game to your Steam wishlist to get the latest updates! If you, or anyone you know loves the type of games we talked about today, link them to @_wholesomegames on twitter! You can also find the entire Wholesome Games Direct embedded below.

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