NOWO's Game Stack: Nintendo Switch - Hope Eliza

You Bet I Own a Copy of Hello Kitty Kruisers. Last week all 3 of us here at NOWO recorded a Podcast episode where we each take turns to talk about what games we have in our PS4 collection. The only rules; they HAD to be physical copies, and we had to own them as of the recording of the Podcast, no "I had this but traded it in" exceptions. We've decided to make it into a series so keep an eye out for our PS4 Stack Podcast coming late next week! To kick off the rest of the series, here is a list of physical Switch games I currently have in my possession. I was lucky in the fact I kind of fell into owning a Nintendo Switch when my partner bought one a year or so after release and you know how i

REVIEW: Fall Guys - PS4

Not everyone has fallen head over hills for this one... I’m willing to accept it’s probably a case that I simply don’t "get" this one. There’s been a lot of news in the press and positive reviews of the game which I won’t question, but I will go as far as to say that I’m not impressed with the limited experience on offer here. So Fall Guys can be summed up quite simply as a digital take on Takeshi’s Castle or Total Wipeout (in the UK), which are shows which involve “normal” people completing obstacle courses and the like with the aim of being with the fastest across the finishing line. There’s more, sometimes it’ll be a time-limited event and upon the final bell, if you’ve not satisfied a ce

13 Life Lessons Kingdom Hearts Has Taught Us

If there's anything that Kingdom Hearts is full of, it's inspirational quotes. That and confusing story lines and big shoes. As it's name would suggest, this Square Enix x Disney cross over game series is full of references to love, friendship and connections with others. If you've played just 1 or even all 10 of the games in this series, you'll already be familiar with all the references I'm talking about. In this post, I'm going to dissect some of the inspirational quotes from the series and apply them to real world scenarios. Maybe after reading this you'll go away with a new life moto to stick by! "The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. But I've learned that deep down,

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Gaming in the Pandemic

Lockdown and the pandemic have affected us all. From a gaming perspective, there have been highs and lows and I’m sharing a mixed bag of these here. What follows is a selection of the good, the bad and the ugly... Delays! It was inevitable really but the pandemic led to a long list of delays and may even lead to cancellation of some long sought after titles. Sure, there’s a chance these delays would’ve happened anyway but certainly, some would not. Headline postponements include Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2, Marvel's Avengers, Halo Infinite to name a few. TV shows filming mid-season such as Supernatural (in it's 15th and final season with only 6 episodes to go. Billions knowingly began airi

Top 10 - Cutest Video Game Characters

WARNING: uncontrollable cuteness contained inside this post. I confess, I have been guilty on more than one occasion of choosing to play a game simply because of the cute character on the front cover. In this list, Hope Eliza, Chris and Jay countdown their Top 10 cutest video game characters from the conventional to the slightly unexpected. Which video game character do you think belongs in this list? Let us know! Although her ghostly appearance and rows of sharp teeth make appear intimidating at first, Luna is in fact a giant sweetheart who was bought to life by artist Ash. In Concrete Genie, players are tasked with designing their own genies, who in turn help Ash overcome obstacles whilst

My Lockdown Gaming Diary #WYBG? - Hope Eliza

What Have I Been Gaming During Lockdown The UK is now in its 19th week of Lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Although things are beginning to get back to normal, we still have a ways to go. I was one of many people who were unable to attend their job or work from home, this meant I've had around 138 days to stress, overthink and play video games! So I've decided to give a brief overview of all the game's I've played during this scary, unpredictable time. March Animal Crossing New Horizons I'm not saying that Nintendo predicted the Lockdown but releasing a game that requires a lot of hours to be sunk into it when most of the world is required to stay indoors was accidentally genius. I'