NERD OUT FIRST OUT: Life is Strange 2 (First Impressions)

Find out - spoiler free - if this game is worth your time Something that I’ve talked about before on this site is my Life is Strange and University parallels. With the release of Life is Strange 2 and the start of my final year at University, the tradition of playing a Life is Strange game for the first time during my first few months of a University year, continues. The highly anticipated game has been theorised ever since the last main instalment of the game was released back in 2015. Although 2017’s prequel: Life is Strange: Before The Storm and a taster game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit were released during this time and gave fans something to tide them over, they have still

Podcast 32- Spider-Quest!

Our latest podcast is live! Ramblings/Musings on Video Games, Movies, TV Shows and related Nerd Culture from Chris Perrin and Mark McGrady. (May contain Potty mouth words). This week we spend out on shiny new games AND find time to play them. Chris gives his first impressions of swinging around as Spiderman and Mark talks about the overtly sexual Dragon Quest XI. We also glide over iconoclasts and 1995's Spiderman Cartoon Maker.

Top 10 - Video Game Music - Sega Version

Play it again Saturn... I've been wanting to write a piece on my favourite video game music tracks for ages and I find myself in a position this month where Holidays and summer sickness leave me being the only one in a position to put together a Top 10. I was going to take the opportunity to run with it and track my Top 10 video game tracks, but I hit 1 problem, there's probably too many! So I've decided to split it down this time to my Top 10 Sega game soundtracks. Depending how its received I'll follow up with others. As always I like to work with rules; The version of the song needs to be a Sega release. That is made by Sega or for a Sega Console (and to be the Sega console version of tha

Podcast 31- Trans-Generation-al

Our latest podcast is live! This week Chris talks about what he's been gaming including Iconoclasts. We also talk about whether we are ready for a new gen of consoles, levelling enemies in RPGs and Chris explains to Mark what all this Fortnite business is about.

Remembering....Disney Video Games

They looked better at the time promise. I got my first video game console: a PlayStation at around 5 or 6 years old and as one of my main interests back then (and still now!) was Disney films, I got plenty of Disney branded video games on PlayStation and other consoles over the years. Considering it is Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday coming up in November I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and reminisce the Disney video games that I grew up playing. A lot of the images I've included are super old so aren't the best quality, sorry about that! A note: I've decided to keep the Kingdom Hearts series out of this list. Although it does include Disney characters and story lines, I'm going to s