A little about The Nerd Out Word OUt Founders


A NOWO original and founder, Chris has a life long appreciation of Video Games, comics and Movies. Always willing to share the fact that his first job was with a leading games retailer (with whom he probably worked for too long) before he “grew up” and began earning enough to fund his passion outright.


He often kicks himself for having owned various games and consoles which are now finally becoming high value items, having fluttered them away on eBay several years back for what he can only describe as “booze money” (hindsight’s a bitch).


Chris also has a big love for retro gaming having lived through and experienced most the console launches since videogames weren’t cool. Primarily a console gamer he has also broken into the world of PC gaming but has yet to master a keyboard mouse setup on FPS shooters (shockingly preferring a game pad to play Doom).


The other half of the original NOWO line up, Mark is a committed and unashamed nerd. From the CPC 464 through to the PS4 he has always had an appreciation for games that far outweighs his skill at them. First to admit he will play on easy if there is an option, gaming is seen as the past time of choice slightly beating out a healthy box set addiction and a hobbyist musical career.


The yin to Chris’ yang, Mark is more of a contemporary gamer. Preferring a good story and RPG elements to retro twitch skill games he put embarrassing hours into RPGs during university and still attempts to do so in between “adulting”. This has led to a poor habit of never finishing games.  


He is primarily a console gamer with no particular branding allegiance (previously a 360 kid, and now a PS4 owner) but can be often be found snooping around steam in search of an indie gem to pass a few hours.



A key contributor to the NOWO family, what Hope lacks in gaming years is swiftly made up by her overall enthusiasm to the cause.

A powerhouse of knowledge in respect of everything Disney & Ghibli, Hope is a huge fan of “the things that she likes” which extends to Cartoon Network, Nintendo and Laika. She is also the worlds biggest Kingdom Hearts fan and fascinated by the Final Fantasy games.

Her boundless enthusiasm paired with the fact she’s studying creative writing at university makes her the liveliest member of the NOWO family. Plus we got a girl on the team, who can question that!?

Hope Eliza also has her own blog which we would strongly recommend you look up should you enjoy her contributions on here; Click Here!


An introduction to Nerd Out Word Out

Nerd Out Word Out began life in 2014 at which point it was merely a podcast developed and fronted by Chris and Mark.


More about us as individuals can be seen below however in brief, we’re both lifelong gamers with that most valuable of assets, experience. Years of experience. With the benefit of having actually lived through several generations of videogame consoles going as far back as the ZX Spectrum and the Amstrad CPC. Each with our own niche and preferred genres, machines and sources we quickly established that were we left in a room for any amount of time we could continuously discuss our mental musings to a point beyond anyone’s exhaustion but our own.


It soon became clear that some basic goals were shared between us based on our own experiences with the medium of podcasts; 


  • The format would be conversational and not too formalised or rigid. 


  • Topic’s would be general inviting all manner of tangents to be flown from.


  • The intent was for it to be a regular fix, so chiefly the episodes needed to be kept to a rough timeframe of 45-50 minutes. This is something which we found often gets overlooked by similar publications which can often roll on for hours at a time.


All these points also allowed us to manage and maintain a regular schedule as we didn’t need to spend hours editing.


The ultimate goal is that our listeners would be tuning into something which they would want to be discussing and would want to put their own opinions forward on.


With this in mind several editions were aired and released for download, however it soon became apparent that a simple podcast couldn’t reach a wide audience by itself. Taking to social media and experimenting with a couple of Blog setups, creative and aspirational  juices started flowing and we made a decision to develop the NOWO brand into a full blown site.


It was at this point that we gained the attention of our third and final founder Hope Eliza. Hope Eliza has been running her own blog for some time in various forms and was keen to contribute and contribute she has in spades to the point that she has completed our NOWO tri-force and earned her place as a founding member of the reborn Nerd Out Word Out you see today.


We are not professional journalists in any capacity (with the lesser of us only having barely passing grades in English language), what we are however is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and naive enough to hope that our opinions matter. Elements we believe allow our words to be enjoyed by anyone with a penchant for gaming that wants to listen.